Mac Turns 30 today…

Apple Macintosh 128K

The Mac(above) was a big bet on the Company and on a new generation of computers when Steve Jobs introduced it 30 years ago; it came after the “Lisa”, a very expensive Apple computer that went for around $9,999, about KES 1,000,000. As you can guess, it was a complete commercial fail due to reasons well expected from Apple inc. First, it was too expensive, considering IBM’s PC was around, and was cheaper. Second, it was virtually incompatible with everything that existed.

So, enough said about Apple misdeeds back then, the Mac came after that. Although it never became dominant, obviously because the PC was the dominant one, it saved the company and ushered in an era of a different kind of computers. The Mac found success in the educational and creative community…. Today as the Mac turns 40, its a sure thing that it was a great machine that shaped life in its time….

Even today Apple inc. and Steve Jobs(when he was alive), continue to impress and overtake our expectations in the company and the whole computing world. The new ipads, ipods, macbooks, and most importantly the new Mac Pro, above(a great grandson of the Mac)… Surely, Apple inc. is thriving even in the dying PC world. Some of us may argue that apple is too expensive; well, lots of people have lots of money they want to spend on quality computers. So if you don’t want to use more money for more, get a PC. Apple inc. is taking those who love quality and style (and being classy) to the skies of computing and there’s no way to stop that!


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