american idiot

Originally posted on the anti-lifestyle blog:
“D’ya want [incomprehensible noise]?” “Um, I’m sorry, what?” “D’ya want [incomprehensible noise]?” “I’m–um–sorry, one more time?” “D’ya want [incomprehensible noise]?” “I… no. No, thanks.” ? I am in London, in a cafe on Charlotte Street, where I learn in short order that drip coffee is an American thing, and there…


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Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet has changed the world, “made it a small village“; you can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world anytime . But why stop there? A village is too big, what about making the world a “small hut“?; you, and everything around you can communicate with anyone or any machine anywhere in the world […]

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iWatch coming soon?

A concept iWatch has been designed by Todd Hamilton. The rendered image shows an iWatch as slim as Nike’s FuelBand. He came up with a possible UI for a future Apple iWatch. The slim wristband concept features a curved screen, a home button on the left edge, and volume up and down buttons on the right. Hamilton […]

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Mac Turns 30 today…

The Mac(above) was a big bet on the Company and on a new generation of computers when Steve Jobs introduced it 30 years ago; it came after the “Lisa”, a very expensive Apple computer that went for around $9,999, about KES 1,000,000. As you can guess, it was a complete commercial fail due to reasons […]

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